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    If I have a bare pourus shaft then I personally put a reasonably thick first coat on and work it in as it's probably gonna suck.most up.

    I'll gemerally wait a few minutes depending on which oil (5 to 15 minutes) and then wipe it off hard for the first coat.

    I then cut it back very slightly with 0000 to make the next coat key better.

    I'll then keep going with thin coats until the cue won't take any more oil and the effect is how I want it.

    I have to say that as I put a particular oil on a cue I'll make a judgement as to how much it is absorbing and the thickness of the oil going into or onto the shaft; for me it's a bit of a feel thing.

    Some shafts are already pre treated with other additives so once sanded back they take little to no oil and other times some treatments won't take any oil!!

    What I would ensure is if it's a one off cue then leave it at least over night but 24 hours is certainly better.

    i know in certain conditions you can get lots of coats of boiled linseed oils with driers in there rapidly but slower is better in my opinion as although many look dry they won't be.
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