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**Post Pictures of your cue!**

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  • **Post Pictures of your cue!**

    Hi all,

    I have been browsing this forum for a while now trying to get ideas and inspiration for a cue design. I suddenly had an idea, why not post up pictures of forum members cues so people can see the different varieties of cues available. I find that looking at mass produced cues quite boring and I'm sure there are people like me who like to see high quality cues. So I propose we make an archive/thread that’s shows all our cues. Post as many pics as you like of your cue, you can even give us a spec of your cue - i.e. - Manufacturer, tip size, wood used in splices, weight etc... Perhaps the cue has a deep meaning for you or perhaps your cue has transformed your game, Does your cue have a funny story attached to it? Post a pic of it and tell us all - why this cue?
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    my cue !

    Here is a few pics of my cue, ive had three wooldridge cues over the past few years and when i came across pictures of this special eddition cue that he did i mailed mike the same evening and was lucky enoughf as he had one part made to avoid the wait !
    Within a week it arived and every one who has seen the cue over the last six months has been envious of it as opposed to the usual "how mutch" and "are you crazy" the cue is worth every penny as it plays as good as it looks. and will be cherrished for many years.
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      Northwest Cue. £175

      3/4 joint at 16''

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        Hi matty,

        Is that the new Kevin Muncaster cue that you were talking about?

        P.S It looks nice!


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          yes it is. very happy with it, now I know what a cue really feels like!

          as i said, its a simple design, but all i wanted was a non flashy handmade cue.


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            What timber is the splice Matty?


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              Splice is Olivewood.


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                bloody hell trev, your like lightning!


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                  Snooker cue, 9.7mm, 20 3/4 oz, 57.5 inch, £210

                  American pool cue, 11mm, 20 3/4 oz, 57.5 inch, £120

                  I don't have any pics of my uk pool cue but it is 8.7mm, 16 3/4 oz, £125 and it was the cue Stephen Hendry used before it was destroyed.
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                    i think those pics have broken links, they don't show up on my screen. Can anyone see them?


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                      No I can't either.


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                        My second attempt. Cues are in the same order.


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                          Nice Exclusive cue guywiththeplan. I used to have one of those but I made the mistake of letting a friend use it for a tournament when their cue was "stolen" (he's never admitted it but I'm sure he left it on the train...). He played out his skin and fell in love with the cue, then offered to buy it for slightly more than the new price! What's a man to do?

                          Shopped around for ages for a replacement and settled on a custom Wooldridge - best thing that's happened to my game!


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                            Post up some pics of your cue, would love to see it Snoochy


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                              What am I even up at this time for?.......

                              Anyway, here you go. She's 57", 19Oz, 29mm butt and 8mm tip.

                              So the lower splices are on the left and right sides instead of front or all four as normal

                              See, it's such a nice piece of ash that even the cat had to have a nosey