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  • Balance point

    I know nothing about balance point apart from the obvious..

    I'm on the market for a new cue.. I enjoy playing with a 56" cue but they are hard to find.

    Presumably I can get away with holding the cue further up the butt (!) with a balance point that is closer to the tip, ie a lighter butt.

    Could anyone advise me on what a standard and also a 'high' balance point is for a 57" cue?


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    Most cues are between 16 and 18 inches balance point. I'd recommend going neutral, 17ish inches, rather than going to more extremes if you're buying blind.


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      thanks Mark


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        my playing cue for 15+ years was a 56" with BP at 14.5". 18.5 oz.
        I recently got a new cue made by Ton Praram at 58" with BP at 17.5", 19 oz.
        Much noticeable improvement in power generated, feel is exceptional.
        I'm 5'10" so if your similar i'd go with longer and BP more forward.


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          A cue balanced at only 14 inches from the butt end will make it feel heavier in the grip hand than on the bridge hand, a cue balanced at about 20 inches will make it feel lighter in the grip hand but heavier on the bridge. It's a very subtle difference that is personal to each player and what he/she is used to/prefers.
          Most one piece cues will balance on the tip of the splices at around 18 inches or so, 3/4 split cues vary because of where the joint is in relation to the tip of the splices but most should balance between 16 and 20 inches and a cue maker will be able to put the balance point where a player wants it but it would be best to leave it to the cue maker to set a balance point that suits the cue.
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