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  • Adding Steel Blocks

    Hi all, just looking for some info.

    I've recently purchased a Riley Regis table which has standard cushions, but may be looking to convert this to tournament standard with Steel Blocks. I've looked at the slates and they appear to have a vertical drop in the pocket, as well as 6-bolt cushions (haven't yet printed the templates out to check the drop).

    Could it simply be a case of purchasing a set of Steels from somewhere and fitting them, or would I need to get a fitter with proper templates to sort it out just in case the drop is incorrect on the slates?

    Also, if the drop is not far enough into the slate, does the fitter simply grind out the pockets or how is this achieved to match the templates?

    Was on the phone with Riley/BCE and they said they will only sell their steels if their fitter was doing the job to make sure they matched the templates etc, so if that's the case, if my slates match the templates, any suggestions on where to buy them?

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    I can get you a set. Pricey though. You want to avoid the cheap Chinese ones. They are terrible.


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      I'll PM you for prices, though do you know if they should simply be a straight bolt on, or might I need a good billiards fitter to fit them with templates to make sure of the slate drop etc?