Our billiard table in our social club, in my opinion, needs reclothing; even though the committee do not - none fo them play.
Anyway, I have some ideas of make and model of cloth that I would like to recommend to the committee but would like knowledgeable-member's thoughts as well.
The situation is that the table is in a social club not a snooker club so the cloth cannot be tournament quality but must also cater for the odd-drunkard hacking away
So hard-wearing, good speed, and will not need re-stretching in the first 20 years of use
If we did want tournament quality the choice would be easier but at these lower levels the choice is harder.
I understand that a cloth fitting would be in the region of £400, correct?
Also I would also like to fit steel blocks, but have no knowledge of these, are they easy to source, how much are they, would the cloth fitter easily do these as well?
Many thanks