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Riley Aritocrat installed in dorsett

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  • Riley Aritocrat installed in dorsett

    Another instalation completed over two days inc travelling in Dorset , the customer had built a games room on some land that previousley had a chicken barn on and the concrete slab was used as foundation for the new build , the room is very large and swallows the full sized table , I have been told the main shell was around £15,000 but you have to add on the following , wired to mains with storage heating and the 60 inch plasma 3 d tv just going up in the background and the cost of the table plus furnishings ,

    Gives people an idea on what to do if they want a games room sepperate from the house . and what can be achieved in what I think is a reasonable price range for such a large room .
    the table is second hand , the owner prefering this to the cost of new . but as you can see a table in very resonable condition .
    the B&B I stayed at was next door by a field to Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall's original River cottage at Snape manor Dorset . before he moved to the larger Farm building .

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    Stunning that


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      Neat looking building is it a pre-fab?


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        yes by the looks of the build it is pre fabricated , they left some of the internal boarding wall , as screw off planks to ease the wiring .
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          Hi Geoff

          What was the footprint on the room please?


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            Oh that looks very, very good. One thing I don't understand though. If you're having a new table in a new building, why have an old-fashioned lamp-shade and not modern strip-lights?
            Oh, and that's a bad miss.


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              did not measure the room , but the table had 9 foot cue room easy at each end so on lenth 30 foot , so i would say 30 ft x 30ft .

              The customer wanted a traditional coffin shade ,they are not Snooker or Billiard players it is just a Room filler a FUN ITEM for a cold evening in when on holiday ( it is just their holiday retreat from the city ), and a last minute change of mind from a Pub Pool table to a full size table , the shade was all in with the deal of the table , modern lighting would have cost him more money . and I guess you have to squeezze some expenditure out of somethings to afford others , the table and shade where all second hand , but the Sony 60 inch 3d TV must have cost around £4000 with all the extras of sky box etc .


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                So its more for show than go !!! what a waste


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                  Loverly Room.


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                    Originally posted by jrc750 View Post
                    So its more for show than go !!! what a waste
                    it depends on how you look at it , they have built a games room , what do they put in it ?

                    Pool ( no they chose a snooker table )
                    Table tennis
                    60 inch 3d tv
                    chairs table for cards Dominoes and board games etc

                    Multi purose games room for thier guests when for when they are entertaining , there is also ongoing restoration on the main Farm house and out buildings .
                    at least 2 acres of land around , and I did overhear they where into Game shooting too on nieghbouring farm land .

                    i doubt that the table will see more than 4 weeks use over the year but hey ho the cloth will last them a long time

                    I cannot go into what they do for a living as that would infring privacy rights , but if they earn it they are entitled to spend it .
                    But i put this install up becuase i felt that it was very good value for a room of this size , prob £25,000 total spend on building it and fitting it out with all that is mentioned .


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                      It was certainly a stunning building to put the table in .... and we had a great Laugh to boot ...... Steve


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                        Another custom built shed / log cabin at the bottom of the Garden , this one just north of the M25 near m11 .
                        a log style cabin costing £7.500 plus £2000 for ground slab of concrete , and £1000 for electrics etc , the table was allready owned by the customer and had been in storgage for 15 years , we had to collect from near cambridge and deliver , errect the table and recover it , a hybrid table having a turn of the cenrury frame with tulip legs , and a 1980s set of italian slates and Riley aristocrat standard wood cushions .
                        being as the cabin was at the bottom of his two acre Garden , we had to access it by driving through a farmers Field and get the van through an orchard , we nearly got bogged down in the Mud .

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