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Great deal on a refurb table? I don't think so

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  • Great deal on a refurb table? I don't think so

    Found this on GumTree, and think this guy is obviously chancing his arm lol

    What are his chances haha

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    Not even full size lol...what a mess, you would think he would have at least make it look as good as he could before taking pics eh


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      what a pile of..


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        Originally posted by 147wolf View Post
        what a pile of..
        Couldn't agree more lol


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          I think i know what this is here...

          In the modded motor world around the vw scene etc... theres a 'rat look' scene on the go where folk 'Rat Look' there motors/campers and so on.. (quite effectively too sometimes) if your into that kind of thing like.

          This is just a snooker version rat look.. it's a 'Ratted' snooker table this is mun, don't knock it guy' i think this guy has come up with another style of table, instead of the immaculate look, he's introducing the rat look to the snooker world...

          Don't think it will catch on with snooker tables like it has in the modded motor scene somehow though...LMAO......

          he could have tidied it up a bit for the pics could'nt he...
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