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  • Info on table for sale...

    Had an email tonight with someone asking me if this table was any good...

    Not much to go on with the pics, but anyone have any info on this one?

    Not my area of interest at all but I though I'd try to be helpful!

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    that is an orme and sons ZULU model table , the frame looks to be stained darker than the cushions , they are a good table if they are in good condition , slates are normaly top class and true , their week point is pocket plates becomeing very loose , orme made many fine billiard tables and the they are often oak in construction .

    Oak will sometimes tend to flake and dry out , I am looking at the picture though and think this may be mahogany or mahogany stained oak .

    Buying a table that is allready dismantled could be risky , you do not have the chance to roll a few balls around to see if slates are true , and also if it requires a rerubber etc . if you veiw the table take an extra look at the pocket plate fittings to see if any play is there , loose pocket plates will sag down and Balls will fly upwards and off the table if there is any faults with them .