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  • Riley 6 x 12

    I am looking at a Riley 6 x 12 that does not have steel block rails. The table is marked as being made in England and the rails are marked as being made in England so it is not one of their current Chinese (Renaissance) offerings. Would this table probably date from the early eighties?

    Will this table play satisfactorily or should I be holding off and wait for a steel block unit. The slate is supposedly 2" in thickness (but is it probable that it is 1 3/4"?). The table is for home use only and will just get recreational play.

    I want to move up from my 5' x 10' Brunswick Centennial

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    Are you looking to by in the US? I have sent many tables overseas including to Gainsborough, NC. I have several steel block Aristocrat tables and Burroughes and Watt tables available.

    With regards the playability of the non steel block table. It will depend on the age of the rubbers and how and the conditions in which it has been maintained. If the table is from the 80`s then it will almost definitely be 1.75 inches thick with the slate liner giving the impression of 2 inches. If the slate are 2 inch it will be a much earlier table. Is the frame in good condition? ARe the slates true? All factors to consider when assessing whether this tables is a good buy.


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      Hello Mayfield-

      I would like to correspond with you concerning buying/shipping a steel block table but I do not have messaging privileges on this forum as I onl have 8 posts.

      Could you email me directly at:

      I would like to have an idea of pricing and shipping/insurance costs.