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Bought a snooker table, any good?

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  • Bought a snooker table, any good?

    I bought a second hand snooker table branded "Dufferin". I believe it's a Canadian company that makes those. The table has leather pockets with metal brackets and ball runners, quite similar to what you see in competition videos. The slate is 1.5" thick and doesn't appear to have any chips or cracks. The frame is solid wood and has some scuff and scratch marks but that's just character :-). I also demanded new felt for it because the old stuff was a little worn. I bought the table as it was pretty cheap and I always wanted one in my house. Now the table isn't installed yet (I'll need basement space to build it so for now it's disassembled) and I won't be able to gauge immediately how it plays.

    Have I done the right thing buying it? It seems like a nice table and given that I paid for it an equivalent of less than 1000 quid so it seemed like a steal to me.

    What do you guys think?

    EDIT: Additional details: The table does not have steel block cushions but the cloth I got is supposed to be good quality (opinions?) and it is brand new and reads "Hainsworth 7627 - Made in England". Thoughts?

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    I dont know wether its worth the price. But by your specifications on the quality of table now , It seems to be very good!
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      Dufferin had their own line of tables in the 90's.

      From what I know, they were inexpensive, but the quality was very good. I think Dufferin Games was bought out a few years back, but continues under this company info:

      I haven't seen any franchises in Winnipeg for a few years now, but I know they have sold many tables.


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        I'd say £1000 for a decent table is pretty cheap


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          Anyone ever played on one of these tables? I am looking to purchase one also and would like to know if anyone has played on the Dufferin Regent snooker table.

          Best regards,



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            I have played on many of them - both private and commercial tables.

            never had to blame my bad game on them

            Again, the price is good and the quality is good.