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  • Sovereign Leisure - Refurb Tables

    My search for a table is on-going and from the feedback it seems that a Riley Aristocrat is the best choice for the budget.

    I have looked at Sovereign Leisure who seem to have some good testimonials - does anyone have experience of dealing with them - would you recommend them?

    Apologies if this thread appears twice - I posted similar yesterday but seems to have disappeared!


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    Yes, I had a Sovereign Riley Aristocrat refurb, all brown, and can highly recommend them. The table was a beauty and like new.
    One thing tho, the pockets on mine were big. I didn't have any experience with pocket size at the time but in hindsight I should have asked them to make tighter pockets.
    So if you want tournament or not so big pockets, I recommend you tell them before the refurb so they can make the table to your specs.

    cheers, Tony