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    Hi There
    Got 5 snooker tables.. in a big hall which we are doing up at the moment ! The only form of Heating are are some really ancient storage Heaters which cost a small fortune to run...and dont really provide much Heat during the Winter.. What are the pros and cons of putting in Central Heating ,what I really mean is, will it dry out the tables or affect the run of the tables etc ...Thanks in advance for the replies...
    ps When we have finished the decorations everbody is welcome to Play.....

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    Can you confirm that you are asking about the general room heating and not specifically "table heaters".
    General room heating I would go for heating/cooling units, as you have probably found out with the recent weather, playing snooker in hot humid hall is not nice but if your customers know you have a nice cool hall they will come to you in droves to cool down!
    The only advice I have come across with such units is not to have them above the tables as some can drip.
    Table heaters is more of a specialist subject and there are several methods which I am sure have differing pros/cons.
    Where is this hall?
    Up the TSF!


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      Thanks for the Quick Reply.. I was indeed asking about Central heating with about 10 radiators etc...The Hall is in Essex my friend ! come the winter it is really freezing in there.We have had storage heaters but they are not that cheap to run , even on the economy settings....


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        With global warming become a reality with the recent weather, coolers as well as heaters must be in the equation.
        Many are very economical nowadays compared to older models.
        best of luck with your enterprise.
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          Since I live in a climate much worse than Essex and have a table in my humid basement which I imagine would equate to the UK weather here is my recommendation.

          Put in central heating and ensure you get a de-humidifier along with it and keep the humidity in the room around 45% but ALSO put in under-the-table heaters. I have some here which are 4ft long tubes and draw 35W apiece and I will be installing 4 of them on my table. I've seen these under the Star tables at the Southwest Academy and you set them to be just above room temperature.

          My table (and the Academy ones too) stay very fast with just brushing and blocking each day.

          So when you have central heating and A/C keep the temperature around 70F or 22C for when the room is open and then turn it down to about 62F/16C for after hours and the table heaters should keep the tables and balls at a good temperature and also you will have no dampness concerns with the de-humidifier running (I don't set mine on continuous but rather adjusted it to 45% and it doesn't eat a lot of electricity)

          Terry Davidson
          IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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            Thanks for the good advice Terry ! will take on board what you have said ....If you are ever in Essex ,you are more than welcome to drop in....Thanks.......


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              Assuming you have good ventilation, Central Heating will be ideal. Most clubs I go to use it and there doesn't seem to be a problem with it.

              Ventilation is key though, I hate being in places with stale air :/
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