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  • Table legs

    On my cheap Chinese 10' table here a couple of the legs have cracked straight up the grain- split might be a better term. What causes this? Unseasoned or unsuitable wood?

    Of course this has no effect on the playing of the table. We are all very happy with that but it is unsightly.

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    Sap or moisture in wood Drying out , the wood has not been dried out , they are supposed to test the wood with a meter to see if any dampness is still there before use , they are supposed to use kilne dried timber, but this will not get rid of all the dampness unlike a 7 year seasoned wood which is stacked for moisture to come out under cover .
    you may often see high end furniture with statements like 7 year seasoned wood , thats shows their intent of produceing a piece that has a low opertunity for the wood to crack . I used to buy guitars with that statement too , nothing worse than a warped guitar neck .
    when tables are made and situated in warm buildings the wood shrinks even further , and the grain line cracks at it's weakest point and runs up the grain , and thats what you can now see Phil , nothing you can do about it , just fill it with wax the same colour as the finnish . it's now a feature of the table .

    I am sure some of the cue makers on here use seasoned wood too .