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Wanted: BCE Westbury name plates

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  • Wanted: BCE Westbury name plates

    I am looking for a name plate for a BCE Westbury. I don't know if they changed their style throughout the years, but i want one that has the same look as the ones from the late 80's.

    It's to go on the end cushions, but i'm not sure if there are supposed to be one on each end, or just on one end only.

    Anyone know where they are to be found?

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    The original Westbury nameplate of the 80s /90s was the letters B.C.E at the spot end of the table, and on the baulk end a gold coloured stick on plate with the word Westbury on it. The new plates are now solid brass.
    Your best bet is to contact BCE in Bristol, they might have a few of the originals still in stock. Telephone 0117-300-3366
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      If no luck there call Worls Snooker Services based in Brsitol. Im sure they could help.

      01179 655633
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        Thanks. ryanah147, I didn't know they had a Westbury badge as well, as we only ever saw the BCE plate on the telly at the black ball end of the table.


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          Yes, BCE had quite a few badges in the 80s.. The Redland, The Clifton, The Brentry, The Churchill, and of course the Westbury.
          It was only yesterday I installed a Westbury, and with the remaining spare Westbury plate I had, I fitted it to the table.
          I have some duplicate plates in the workshop but Im not to sure if they are BCE or Westbury. If they are not, Ill keep an eye out for one and when it comes into my possession Ill pm you.
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            ok, thanks.


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              Originally posted by bricktip View Post
              ok, thanks.
              Did you ever find your plates. I just bought a BCE Westbury which I am going to refurbish and also looking for the two plates.
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                No, I never got the plates.