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Antique J Bennett Full Size Billard/Snooker Table - Help!!

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  • Antique J Bennett Full Size Billard/Snooker Table - Help!!

    Just wondering if anyone can help me, my mother is eventually moving from the family house after 30 years, where she has a Full Size antique Bennett Billard/Snooker Table. I am looking for some advice of where I can sell it or companies that deal with moving and selling this item. Any advice would be great full.

    Thanks Kate

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    Posting a picture or two will get you a better idea of price. Also which area of the country are you in?

    Plenty of firms that will buy it from you and dismantle collect i am sure. Be aware unless its soemthing very special full size tables are worth very little really.
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      Thanks, I will get some pictures and post them, I am in East Yorkshire.


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        Hi Kate1
        Until you get 10 posts you cannot use the Attachment feature for pictures in this forum, but what you can do is load the pictrues onto say Photobucket, or some-such and copy the links to your post
        Look forward to seeing the pictures, cheers
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          Kate1 , you can contact Elston and Hopkin as regards to having the table dismantled and stored for you and at the same time they can advertise the table for you on their website as a customer owned table for sale , there would be a charge for taking the table down and bringing it in and elston and hopkin have done this many times for people who have sold thier house and must get the table out for the new owners to move in .
          Elston and hopkin are based just the other side of the humber bridge near Gainsborough so not fat from east yorkshire , I do work for them as a billiards fitter although I am based nearer Derby and nottingham , I will be the one who dismantles the table , the last table we bought in for a customer was sold within a week or two , and was sold to a member of this forum , although some tables are sold within weeks or months or sometimes a year or two ! , they can take a little time to sell in the current market unless you fall lucky or have an exceptional table of intrest , you could try selling it on ebay , but they normaly only go for a few Hundred pounds , so you have a choice realy advertise on ebay for a quick sale and have no costs getting it out the house , or pay a firm to bring it into storage in the hope that it will fetch a higher price at a later date .
          Elston and hopkin will take photo's of the table before dismantle for the web site and give an honest report of the condition of table woodwork , cloth and rubber etc , and also a recomended price for selling it . the web site is attached below for contact details .

          Geoff large