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loose leg on bce westbury

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  • loose leg on bce westbury

    Hi fitters,
    I was just adjusting the legs on my table so they are nice and solid to the floor and noticed that one of the legs is loose. The carved bottom is loose from the square block at the top. I think you should know what i mean if you know the westbury legs.

    So, is there a fix for this? Is it on a thread? Obviously the table is installed, so i can't be taking the whole thing down to fix it.

    Just thought i'd ask before i get involved with it.

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    Depends if the three dowls are broken that they use to join the leg block and lower turned part together , noy sure with a BCE if they used just one large dowl or the traditional three dowls in the joint , what you have to do is carefully jack that leg up off the floor use ing a jack and block at the side of the leg by about 1/8th to 1/4 inch , try and clean some of the old glue out and blow any residue out of the joint , squeeze some pva wood glue in , then lower the leg to the floor , the glue will squezze out and into the joint , wipe with a wet or damp cloth to get rid of excess glue , Thats it , i once had to do this to all 8 legs in a club .
    If the table ever comes down , have a close look at all the legs , if the glue has dried out and is not doing it,s job they all could be loose or in time become loose . if the dowls are broken then all is not lost if it is a corner leg , I have jacked a table up on a corner and removed a corner leg repaired it and put it back on , I would not recomend this if you have any doubts though , get a fitter in .
    if its a middle leg then it cannot be done this way , but you can live with it if the other three legs are sound .



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      I have no problem doing all that. I had the leg jacked up while adjusting the packing underneath, which is when i noticed it being loose. It is a corner leg, although i should probably check the others as well.

      When i have a bit of time, i'll probably take the leg off and investigate further based on your advice.

      Thanks a lot.