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  • Question for table fitters

    Hi to all table fitter on the forum,
    I have a question regarding table cushions and pockets. I have recently started playing in the Hurricane rooms in East Acton which was formally Jesters. I first played in this club when I was 16 when it had just opened. I remember that I always loved the tables down there and made some decent breaks and won a few comps back in the day. Me and my friend have been trying all the tables and have found three that play quite well but they all seem to suffer the same fault, and that is the white ball jumps off the table when striking the cushion and this also seems to happen in the pocket and as a result any ball struck to hard seems to do what I call a basket ball effect. the ball seems to hit the jaw jump up roll around the pocket and out again. The fall of the pocket on these tables is chamfered which I don't think is a problem as it never seem to cause a problem when I played years ago.

    So the questions is is the jumping down to the fact the cushion a worn out and need to be redone. I can't say for sure if they have ever been redone but if they haven't we are talking about 30 year old rubbers.

    The tables are re-clothed on a regular basis and there could be an opportunity here for a good table fitter.

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    I think there is already a thread on this subject. Did you search?


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      no not really, I have my reasons for starting a new thread.


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        Very sinister.


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          Not a table fitter but i think this is normally caused by the cushion cloth being pulled too tight over the rubber, could be wrong though


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            I might take some photos for you look out there are so many problems with the pockets and cushions it's laughable, one table has even got different shaped cut on the pocket it looks as if the fitter has fitted the wrong rail to the wrong table. I think this just comes from 30 years of wear and tear and different table fitters of various ability. I think someone said that a cushion rubber has a life span of 25 years so these are well over due a refurb.
            They used to have a match table at this club with steel blocks but they converted it to play a Russian game with different size balls and whoever converted it is dangerous. I could try and explain it but I don't think I could describe just how bad the work has been done. Talking to the manager I got the impression he is keen to get the work done and is not that keen on his current table fitter and as he has had quite a few complaints. This why I'm keen to talk to fitters on the forum with the view to putting someone forward to do the work. The manager has said that the tables are due to be re-cloth very soon so if there is someone interested they will need to move fast. Of course the manager might be talking a load of ball and just saying want he thinks I want to hear and of course there one think saying you want the work done and another when the quote comes in.
            So if your interested in picking up a new contract get in touch (nothing ventured nothing gained) I think this is a really good club and with a little effort could be a great club.
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