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Oak Snooker Table ....... Brands to consider Riley ????

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  • Oak Snooker Table ....... Brands to consider Riley ????

    I realise that it may go against the grain to be choosing a table on looks rather than play quality but our house is oak everywhere and a dark table would stand out like a sore thumb. My snooker room will be finished within 6 weeks and im starting to look at table, they must be oak . Ive seen a couple of Rileys on ebay , are Rileys anygood , is there any particular fitter or company to go for or any to avoid you can private message me. I want one thats been fully restored and also one that will be delivered and installed. Any advice or help much apriciated.

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    call me 01250875802 or e-mail me i will know people who can help you.


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      I'm no expert but when it comes to snooker tables but you get what you pay for. Don't rush into a purchase and seek advice from someone who knows their stuff on here. E-mailing ADR is probably a good shout.


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        Gamekeeper , Elston and Hopkin have a Full size Burroughs and watts steel block cushioned table in OAK , it is in unrefurbished state at the moment but when fully refurbed it can be polished to any shade of oak you require light medium or dark oak even matched to a sample by the polisher , many go for honey oak which is a medium , the table has turned legs , the table will be around the £5000 price .

        you will be getting a good table built by what many believe to be the best manufacturer before Rileys got hold of them and dropped the name in the 1960s . genuine Steel blocked cushions will give you that tournament table , but one draw back will be middle pocket plate bounce back on a hard driven ball into the centre pocket . I mention this as you should be informed of any defects that a table can throw at you for the modern game . its a juggleing act when you buy a atable quality materials and craftsmanship against modern pockets and shall we say not so much quality materials used .

        if going for a riley Aristocrat be sure it is UK made , These tables are good , another table to look out for in oak and they made a few is an ENBILD duke or Duchess . but at the end of the day you cannot get better materials than the Burroughs and watts table ..welsh slate ... genuine english oak ...and those steel cushions . the table will of course be rerubbered with genuine Northern British made rubber , new nets leathers and balls plus accessories we may even have a oak cue stand to go with it if my memory serves me well .

        phone elston and hopkin up ask for Ted Roberts link at bottom of page , I do work for them as a Billiards fitter but can assure you I am not on any selling bonus's , just answering a question on any ideas for a oak table for you , the table will of course be set up and ready for play an all in price , you can negotiate with him for any extras he is flexible on price the £5000 is my guess at what this table will be sold for .

        if you are after a smaller oak table we have a 8ft riley aristocrat copy in light oak with oak cue stand in mint condition , but this is a copy not uk made .


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          BTW I don't think there is anything wrong in looking for a table in wood to match what you have already got in the place. I happened to go for a mahogany mainly because there was a good one at an excellent price. As I am doing the barn conversion from scratch I canmatch everything else around the table.