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  • Carpeting

    For some reason the search facility isn't throwing anything up for me on the subject. Annoying as I'm certain I have read something on the subject in the past.

    Ok, floor screed is in. I will be able to walk on it Saturday and permitted to stick underlay and a carpet on it pretty much a week after that.

    My question is to the fitters.

    Do I get the table in and then carpet around the table, or do I carpet first and then install the table?

    Is the additional inch or so of height from carpeting after the table is installed anything to be concerned about at all?

    Also, might add carpet tiles/wood floors are a no as the screed needs to dry out before anything can be adhered to it. In my case that's 70 days from now.

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    Did you try "Advanced search" (top right) with just "carpet" as the search term?
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      I had done that and it returned nothing. Tried again after posting and recieved an abundance of links... go figure?


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        An inch of Carpet ! What you putting down ? Shag pile

        When i've been to different clubs , the carpet is always around the edge of the legs .
        Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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          If I had the money to burn, I'd throw down shag pile for a month just to get people talking.

          Had some pm's from the authority on the matter.

          Table on the screed direct.
          Carpet to floor bars just off from the legs.
          Slid in loose fitting carpet tiles and fix to the screed when it's fully cured.

          Many thanks, guys.


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            That should do the job nicely. You have answered a question I was going to ask. So does your loose stuff under the table just get cut away around the base of the legs? Or do you mean to lift the legs and slide the stuff in underneath?


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              I am hoping he means to cut and fit round the legs, not lift the legs
              Up the TSF!


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                I won't be lifting the legs for any purpose Philip. In truth I will probably just leave it until the screed has had the recommended 70 days to cure and then glue the tiles down then as there are sockets to cut around also.

                I imagine if I lay down loose fitting ones I'll get frustrated with jiggling them into position.


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                  What colour carpet are you having mate ? I have been told darker colours make the balls react differently


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                    We'll have to ask Manny if there's any truth to that


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                      I prefer Carpet tiles , you could try putting a central oblong of hard wood or even tiles for the table to sit Exact to 1 inch overlap beyond the legs , then carpet gripper around the table , this means every time you want a new Carpet the table will not require taking down and putting back up , you could cutt round the legs though if you want the full carpet effect , but fitters prefer none cutt around legs so recomend fully carpet or Carpet tiles or combination of wood and carpet etc .

                      Carpet tiles are good in that each leg can be jacked up and a carpet tile slid under together with any packing for leveling the table back on top of the new tile , with carpet tiles you can also put say a green oblong under the table and Brown outer carpet tiles for wear and tear for walking on .

                      Geoff large
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                        If I have carpet tiles, then I have to wait much longer to get the table installed as the screed cures out at the rate of 1mm per day.

                        Until it has cured completely, nothing is to be adhered to it.

                        Booked in with Elston & Hopkin for Tuesday 17th for installation. Will you be the fitter yourself?


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                          You do not have to get stick down tiles , i have just carpet tiled my large kitchen diner and utility area room which is around half the size of a room with a snooker table , I did not stick them down and the supplier stated they can be layed loose as long as they are tight together and cannot move they will be fine .

                          I rate huega patiche tiles as the best tiles to use . expensive but very hard wearing .

                          the tiles I bought for the kitchen I got from an wholesaler on ebay based in King lynn reasonable price and delivery for quantity .
                          have a look here they are around 6mm thick and have agood hard wearing loop , when placed in the same direction they are almost like a carpet in looks .



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                            I spoke to a carpet fitter this week who agreed with Geoff. He said that you don't need to stick carpet tiles down unless it is in a very heavy commercial usage application. Today I got an offer of some part worn carpet tiles- heavy contract grade stuff 260 of them (65 square metres- I need 60) for £200. They look like new and actually were in a snooker centre previously. I am very tempted even though I would then have to get them schlepped out to Bulgaria.