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  • Snooker table help!

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me.

    I work in a bar and my boss is trying to sell a 12ft x 6ft snooker table, obviously we can put it on eBay and other selling sites.....the problem with that being....we have absolutely no idea what make it is? We have crawled around all over it trying to find a sticker or marking and have had no luck what so ever and we dont know how old it is so we don't know if any of the cues and accessories are original. Is there any way to find out what it could possibly be?

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help offered.

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    Take some pictures of the table, from many angles including the legs and pockets and i'm sure the experts on here will name it within minutes. Also worth bearing in mind tho that prices are very low for tables unless something spectacular, as people want them but have no where to actually put them !!!!


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      I can't seem to post photos s there any other way I could upload them or send them to someone?


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        until you get 10 posts you cannot attached images.
        But you can use Photobucket or imageshack, etc. and copy the links to your post.
        Up the TSF!


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          send the photos to me at , I will put them up for you . if you need a fitter to dismantle it and you are not too far away I may be able to offer my services .

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            Brilliant thank you, I'll forward them now Geoff.


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              Sorry Kayforgot to put .com at the end . it is