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Another leg to look at.

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  • Another leg to look at.


    Got any ideas on this one??

    I think its from about 1900? the frame has the 9 muntins/beams inside quite a light hardwood with dark stain i think?

    Frame number is 11,000 or about that,b/watts steel plate/block.

    2 inch slate with engraved numbers on it,what I noticed is the oak is a veneer on the sides,and the frame is a bit thinner than my b/watt from 1910?? era,

    I would say my 1910 table is better made? can this be right?? or I am I wrong about the date?

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    What is with you and billiard table legs? a fetish?
    Or just testing the knowledgable on the forum?
    And where are you getting all of these tables from anyway?
    Up the TSF!


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      another Burroughs and watts design , this is the typical fluted leg design which had many quirks of design to it , this type having the upper segmentaion design on the top turn , others have 4 eyelets on the upper turn and some have the fluting slanted ,
      this apears to be of oak ? the photo is to small for me to make too much detail out , 9 muntins would date the table to the early 1900s maybe 1910 , unless someone asked for the extra slate support .
      You should realy have taken a photo showing the knee panel design this shot is of the reverse side of the leg showing the mortice and tennon joint where it joins the frame .
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        click the photo Geoff, gets bigger then!
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          Originally posted by Deepscrew View Post
          click the photo Geoff, gets bigger then!
          I did click on the photo , it apears that the focusing is a little out and the wood grain cannot be seen to it's best , although the end panel is standing up at the side of it and that looks oak .
          The table is the best one that chas6868 has posted photo's of , so my advice is to keep this one if he wants to as it is the best one in my opinion that he has shown me , or it maybe that he is a dealer and sells them ? , as he has so many ?
          personaly I do not realy deal in full size tables anymore , the market is flooded with them , I have a dealer that I pass all enquiries onto because he has some very interesting tables , he also supplies the high end dealers down south with tables for them to put their profit margin on . anyone interested in a nice full sized table then contact Brian at Cheshire Billiards he has some realy good one's , just tell him Geoff sent you , here is one he has below , just look at that wood grain and carved faces in the leg , an ashcroft table .

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            more snooker 012.jpg

            Here is a better picture of the oak table, it needs some work to cushions oak cappings,and would like to refinish the woodwork when I ve got some spare time,slates look in good nick.

            Came across the table not for from my place,so just went for it,I just like the look of the table and thought I could get it back to looking its best, with a bit of effort on the woodwork.

            That is a lovely table from cheshire,doubt I could afford it,