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Willie Holt 12' table assembly

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  • Willie Holt 12' table assembly

    Hello all - and greetings from sunny Central Florida..!

    I recently acquired a 12' white oak 1930 WIllie Holt table and am now facing the daunting task of assembling it - I didn't realize this thing was going to be so big and so heavy. Three people tried to move one of the 5 pieces of slate from the stack in my trailer and couldn't budge it!

    There is no manual and no instructions so I am hoping that there is someone out there that can provide some guidance.

    Yes, I know: the best advice is to call a professional installer..! Unfortunately, I have tried that and no-one around here has worked on anything bigger than an 8' pool table - and want $1,000-2,000 to learn how to do it. I think I would rather do the learning - and have the challenge - myself (unless, of course, someone wants a cheap vacation in Orlando (room and food provided) in exchange for some help and advice for a week or so)

    So far, I have the frame assembled.

    I am surprised that the two side rails and two end rails are about 1/2" higher than the 8 cross members (muntins?) that form the central part of the frame. Are the slates supposed to be supported just on these outer rails?

    I am assuming that my next task needs to be to level the whole frame. Should this be done before the bolts are tightened? Then tightened and re-checked? At the moment, it appears that the end rails are a little lower than the side rails. If they cannot be leveled during tightening, should the rails be planed down to match the lowest part? I am sure I have all the pieces located correctly with the factory markings so am surprised there is a difference in height between two rails that are fixed to the same leg (a side and end rail).

    I am also a little confused by the decorative curved side panels (that fit under the side rails) appearing to be a little too small for the gap between the legs...

    Once leveling has been done, I am assuming that I then place the slates? I now have a pallet jack that can lift 2,000lb up to 31" that will hopefully make that job a little more manageable - assuming I can figure out how to winch them onto the forks of the jack..!

    And I am not thinking beyond that at the moment.

    So, any and all information and advice will be VERY welcomed. Is there such a thing as an installation manual for this beast?

    Many thanks,

    (ex-pat Brit looking forward to a long-delayed game of snooker....)

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    Hello from a cold damp UK
    Sure you will get some help soon, there are a few fitters on the forum who might give you a few pointers


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      Hopefully Geoff will be able to help. Not sure if Jr can spell out every stage though, might take a while!!

      Good luck!
      Unclevit C Brand - CueGuru Tip.


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        Did you look at the excellent series of photos at the head of this section. It is the only "sticky" on this section.


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          Send me a pm


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            hi maryfield
            jdx cannot send or receive PMs as he has less than 10 posts
            Up the TSF!


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              Thanks. Didn't notice that. If he emails me at


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                Sorry about the cold and damp! One of the reasons to relocate to Orlando!. Lived in the Redcar area for about 10 years so know Darlington fairly well. I know it's a long shot but if you happen to know a Dave Kneale - wife's name Eithnie - who used to own the Sony shop in Darlington in the 80's - tell him to get in touch. Email posted below. Thanks...


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                  Sorry don't know Dave, but i think i remember the shop, next door to a pub, changed names loads of times, across the corner from Imperial centre ?


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                    That's the place! A friend of a friend of a... told me that he still lived in the area and was going to see if he could locate him but he also disappeared off the horizon. Oh well - guess the world isn't that small..! At least you have warm, cosy snooker clubs there to make up for the cold and damp...


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                      Just remembered the pub name lol, The County !
                      Also has been Humphry's, Brannigans, and Hoskins at the moment
                      That's what 30 odd years of drinking in the same town does for you
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