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  • Dining pool table

    Any recommendations on the above? I'm looking for a 6ft table and was wondering if anyone had any experience of which ones to look for. The wife says it has to look "nice", I think she prefers the glass tops to be honest but I'm open to suggestions.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Never seen a glass topped one. Plenty on eBay, the nice looking ones are obviously new and cost 750 to a grand or so, used ones generally look tatty. Back in the day 6ft tables was where you started off.


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      If youre looking for traditional type dining table , then Riley did a few designs of their rise and fall Dining table which they sold in their thousands from 1900 onwards , older versions have buttons or brass head large coffin screws holding the cushions on , later ones from say 1920s onwards had slide in panels to cover the cushion screws , you can always work out the size by asking for the serial number which started with an A followed by the first number , on a 6ft it would be A6 on a 7ft A7 and so on , they made these diners from 5ft to 8ft , although I have seen one 9ft too , these Riley diners had differant leg designs such as .

      Square fluted
      Turned fluted
      Cabriole legs with taper ends
      Cabriole leg with pad foot
      Cabriole leg with Ball and claw foot
      Barley twist
      plain turned leg.

      with the Cabriole legged version they also did the serpantine top . ( a rare version and expensive option )

      the one design i would recommend is plain square leg fluted in Oak as oak will go with modern houses .

      Brian at cheshire billiards can make these tables brand new and maybe make them for 2 inch balls .
      have a look at his designs here is the link .

      with all small snooker billiard Dining tables , they have smaller balls so you will not get anywhere near the same game as a full size , but they are no toy and only a few years ago where fetching £2500 for a 6ft , now they tend to go for a round £1500 in good condition with a new recover and new rubber , I would recommend a Dining pool table , which are more for modern designs than the Billiard diners , they also have 2 inch balls which are only 1/16th smaller than full size , but have pool pockets and cutt , on some they also have full size rubber . look for the make Supreme which is UK made , they do a slimline Prince model with table top . but no glass top I'm afraid , and if they did make a glass top this would be unsafe to keep taking off the table to play the game .
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        Thanks for your input guys.