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Recovering a table.

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  • Recovering a table.


    I have been given a 6811 gold cloth and i am wanting to put in on my table but there is a problem. I dont own the table and the future of the the table is uncertain, so i would like to keep costs down.

    I have been told i can recover the bed of the table for £75 but i have also been told that i will need to have the cushions reclothed as well which will cost £185 which is too high. I currently have a 6811 club cloth on.

    Will it make a big difference to the pace of the table if i have the cushions done? Or is it not worth it?

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    If the bed cloth is worn it makes sense to change the cushion cloth when the cushions have been removed to do the bed.

    Not doing the cushions will mean in the not too distant future having to take the cushions off anyway.

    If the cushion cloth isnt worn then it doesnt have to be done, are the balls jumping off any of the cushions? Or are you just wanting to change the bed cloth as you've got hold of a faster cloth?
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      Well the cloth on now is one of the slowest i have ever played on. The cushions cloth are in good condition.


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        there you go