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Table lighting under a low ceiling

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    Originally posted by DeanH View Post
    silly question, but the table is part of the house deal?
    Not a silly question at all - yes it is part of it.

    The original house particulars stated "...snooker table (available by separate negotiation)"

    However, I specified that the offer I made for the house included the snooker table - so
    we never had a "separate negotiation" as such.


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      I have a similar problem in my place in Bulgaria. The snooker room is OK but I have a room which I am going to convert to a classroom and home cinema. The idea is that the room can be used as an Audio Visual equipped classroom so we can watch videos of how we play. That way we can improve. Then in the evenings we can watch movies. The problem is that the ceiling is quite low. I am only 5'6" so it is less of a problem for me than big guys. I thought I would have the ceiling white to try to give an illusion of more height.

      BTW does anybody on the forum know anything about home cinema?


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        If this was my room, I'd spend a bit extra and go with 4 x 5ft dextra a and set them up like the TV tables, ie, 2 end to end, off centre and angled slightly towards the opposite side of the table, then do the same with the next two. With one the two lights running down the centre, they may be too close to the bed and give the bright centre of the table and dark side cushions.

        I'm only suggesting this as I've recently installed new lights in my club, and I really had to get them as high as I could above the table due to the darkness at the side cushions and corner pockets, and this was with daylight tubes. You could also then consider ordering the fittings with diffusers rather than the CAT2 louvre


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          I think the four would be a bit much. My two give off a massive amount of light and the ceiling in this room is lower than mine.