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  • Table fitters in Italy

    First of all wish to thank all the forum experts, who already instructed me a lot ...

    Now the question: I will purchase a full-size snooker table, and most probably it will come from UK; now here we have very expert billiards fitters, with 30-35 years and over experience, but to my knowledge nobody assembled a snooker table, or it may be happened once.

    Will they be able to mount the table correctly? Will they need special/particular tools (templates, as an ex) which they might not have?

    Thx in advance for your suggestion.

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    hi if the fitters say they have 35 years experiance in fitting billiard tables they should have no problem installing your table. they should have a steel straight edge engineering one this is for when they shoot the frame which means when you errect the timber frame you use it to help levell the the frame and run it down the long rails to make sure it is perfectly true and you plane the rails to make sure the slates sit properly. this will save trouble further down the line with slates "Lipping".

    As for the rest of tools needed i should think that they would have everything with them. Make sure they tack the bedcloth on and dont use staples as they do with 9 ball tables which i think you are refering to as "billiard tables"


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      Supplied a table to a client in Rome several years back. Flew over to install. Drop me a line to


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        Thanks for your answers.
        I have no doubt on the experience of local fitters; they are the 2nd generation in the business; so I'm confident they have the craftmanship to do the job; may be they need some specific experience ...

        Anything to know about correct placement of cushions, height, or pocket opening? Will everything fit?

        Maryfield, will mail you. Thx.


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          2nd generation fitters by that i assume that is American style billiard tables. Wherever you buy a table specify exactly what you require. Table type, pocket size, steel or non steel block, cloth type, accessories required etc etc. if you want the table set to a certain specification such as tournament pockets etc that should be done prior to shipping. Templates are not essential but all the better if they have them. Look forward to your email.


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            Maryfield, sent you an email. Thx


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              Finally, after so many months, after so many searches (both for table and room), after so many risks (truck transport of slates from UK to Italy) ...

              ... we have got our full-size snooker table (Riley Aristocrat from the eighties), mounted and working pretty good.

              It could be the first snooker table in my area and one of the 20 (?) in Italy.

              Wish to thank all the users of the forum who helped so much with their direct or indirect suggestions; special mention to Geoff Large who supported with an advert on his website and precious hints.


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                Can't post a photo; anyway one is available to this link:



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                  good news
                  any pictures you care you share?

                  (you need more than 10 posts in TSF to use the Attachment feature but you can always use photobucket or other type sites and copy the IMG code to your post)
                  Up the TSF!


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                    Trying to attach links to photobucket:



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                      Trying to attach IMG code:


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                        Here is the new table in his room

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                          Looks very nice that
                          Altho is room a bit echo echo echo echo lol, maybe not


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                            yes, it is - a little bit; but we were in a hurry to install the table and didn't mind anything else.

                            Anyway I proposed as a first installation a draft beer machine ....


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                              Yes get the beers in, then everything else will be fine