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snooker vs aebf pocket template

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  • snooker vs aebf pocket template

    Hi all,

    i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. i am currently refurbishing my old pool table and would like to know if snooker pockets are the same as black ball pockets.
    here in australia our tables are to AEBF specifications ( reds yellows) but there is no information about pocket templates or no one willing to help me.
    i found on here some WPBSA snooker templates and was wondering if they are the same for blackball tables?

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    Not very likely. WPBSA templates are for 12ft tables with 2-1/16" balls and I believe your tables are much smaller and also the balls are smaller too.

    Terry Davidson
    IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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      Is anyone out there willing to throw a WPBSA template on a 7" blackball table and take a photo? As there is only 1/16 difference in our ball size which is easily adjusted I'm interested in the leading radii.