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HELP! Erecting a full size table

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  • HELP! Erecting a full size table

    My local working men's club have acquired a table. Does anyone know of anyone in the Midlands (Northampton to be precise) who could erect it? My understanding is that it will be dismantled at its present location and shipped to the club. Alternatively, are there any companies who will collect it, dismantle, ship and then erect it?

    The club has never had a snooker table before but a room has become available and permission granted to get one - all a bit new to folks involved, who just want to chalk their cue's and toss for break! :-)
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    Try our very own Geoff Large, he isn't too far away


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      Originally posted by jrc750 View Post
      Try our very own Geoff Large, he isn't too far away
      + 100! You won't get a better job by anybody.


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        Hi Cyril
        Just google GCL billiards for my contact details or better still try this

        I was in Northampton today at coopers snooker club and I am out there again on the 24th of November at another establishment .
        So Northampton is very much local to my area of the East midlands , but I also travel all over the country if it is viable , next week I am in Sussex and the week after up in Clitheroe , I was in Scotland last month
        if you want this table moving then get in touch as I do have some time in November and December left to fit in work .



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          Thanks very much Geoff, I have passed on your details to the chap who's paid for the table.