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Which cloth for garden room?

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  • Which cloth for garden room?


    looking to re-cloth my used Supreme Winner pool table i just picked up.

    The table is in a purpose built garden room. Not heated unless in the room - using electric convection heaters.

    Room is not insulated either.

    Table is covered with a table cover at all times when not in use.

    Had 777 on my old table in there and it was so slow you could have played with golf clubs and still not got to the other end of the table, regardless of how much it was brushed.

    I like a fast table - but i'm not overly keen on the speed cloth as its like playing on ice and flies off the fast end of the spectrum.

    I don't have access to a proper billiards iron - I do have access to the wife's normal iron with a no steam and wool setting.

    I'm down to the choice of 3 in my own head - but with the conditions above which would i be best going for?

    6811 Pool
    Hainsworth Match
    Hainsworth Elite Pro (If i have to due to not being affected by the conditions)

    Thanks in advance

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    What is a "garden room"?


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      In those conditions I would go for the Strachan super pro
      a table left in a garden building is going to absorb dampness , and the Strachan super pro cloth will absorb it less , although even that has 70% wool in it .

      you could fit a small tube heater inside the table if you vent it , make holes in the underside to let out excessive heat

      this will keep the slate warm and stop damp , and it is only 40 watts and has an in built thermostat to alter settings for summer and winter .

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        Thankyou Geoff

        Any particular reason for the Superpro over the elite pro?


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          I find the Strachan cloth does not mark as much as other speed cloths

          most speed cloths have white burn marks where the ball has friction burnt the cloth go to any mega bowl and inspect the American pool tables to see what I mean , Strachan super pro is much better to fit than the hainsworth cloths , that is my experience of fitting both cloths and also going back after some months or a year to see the how the cloth has worn before the next re-cover .
          the Strachan is also scotch guarded treated , but you must reapply scotch guard which you can buy in a spray can to keep the cloth clean .
          just because a cloth is treated with scotch guard when new , does not mean it will last the life of the cloth . you have to keep the coating good by reapplying say every 3 months .

          I have been using Strachan super pro speed cloth at Butlins in Skegness although this has an artscape design printed onto it , look at link below