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    I have a DPT Omega pool table that needs re cushioned, i have contacted DPT about new cushions and they have quoted £150 delivered.

    This cost includes the cushions covered in strachan 777, the cost seems rather high given the poor cushion quality.

    Can Supreme cushions be used on a DPT table? and if so how much would i be expected to pay for a set covered for a 7x4 table?


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    Contact these on ebay

    tell them you require cushions for a DPT omega table

    i can tell you due to the slot in the back of DPT cushions they use 5/8th rubbber

    Supreme cushions are solid and have claw nuts in the cushion so full size profile snooker rubber can be used , and that is why a supreme table cushion has better bounce qualities

    Supreme cushions will not fit a DPT .


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      I would respectfully point out that in this case you are mistaken. The DPT cushion is slotted like the Superleague cushion, but they use full size rubber and have done for years. We have supplied these tables for over 15 years as well as Supreme tables and have four tables of our own in the club. It was the Superleague tables that had the 5/8th rubber. In fact I can't recall DPT ever using 5/8th rubber even when they traded as Challenger Pool tables.

      They do suffer from the hardening problem suffered by the pink rubber Supreme used to use. To my knowledge DPT haven't adopted the black canvas backed rubber now used on Supreme tables.
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        Yes you may be correct and i may have got the super league cushions mixed up with DPT using full size rubber ,but the slot reduces bounce that is one reason Supreme made their cushions using claw nut inserts

        you can tighten a supreme cushion up so much tighter than a slotted cushion which often have the sliding nut burst through on super league and DPT cushions


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          Agreed. Common fault with the slotted cushion. Lost count of the number of time I've had to glue and repair this type of cushion. Bad design.


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            Thanks for your help maryfield!