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Table on a suspended floor

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  • Table on a suspended floor

    A man that I coach asked me this question:

    "We have a house with suspended floors and if I do want to get a table, I am a bit worried about loading. From what I read on the web, it isn't an issue because the weight of the table is spread over 8 legs and so at each point it isn't much of a load. Would you agree?

    Any advice?

    Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)

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    Perfectly fine


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      For peace of mind , check out the loadings with a Structural Engineer .
      Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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        Depends on beam thickness , I have seen tables wobble when walking around a suspended floor , the thicker the beams and the spacing is the issue that you should pay close attention to , try this ,
        get 20 mates around weighing around 12 to 14 stone each in the room spread around and see if the floor flexes by just try little movements and see if the floor flexes, but not big jumps up and down but just try to rock the floor all at the same time , if it does flex then you will need to strengthen the floor



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          Thanks, Geoff. I've passed your advice on.