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  • Snooker table cloths which one

    Hi All,
    This may have been asked but I can not find anything that has helped me so far.

    I am looking at getting a table re-clothed including cushions.
    I was going to go for what I have had in the past at other clubs I have been involved with, a Strachan tournament 6811 gold(may have changed names now) a fast(ish) cloth and still good life as not a busy club.
    I was wanting a fairly fast cloth as this would help the better players as mainly team members play on table.
    I have been getting some opposition from players who have been at the club longer than myself who are wanting a Hainsworth cloth.
    As I have never had one of this make before or not played on one ( as far as i'm aware) I am a bit unsure what I would find the differences are?
    Could any of you fine members give me as many views or stats about both makes pro's and con's would be good.

    I have seen that there are now a few more Strachan cloths than there used to be also three Hainsworth where I thought there where two?
    I can and have read up on the cloths but views from people who have played on them, fitted them and looked after them is invaluable against a few notes on a web site.


    10 Championship
    6811 Tournament 30oz
    6811 Tournament 32oz
    6811 New club
    6811 Original club

    Many thanks in advance for your help and time with this.


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    If you want durability and fast they do not come together you cannot have both scenarios

    6811 tournament 30 oz is the most used cloth because of one reason it is medium fast yet has durability and will last longer than most fast cloths , this is the one I recommend the most it is not a slow cloth if stretched tight , some fitters do not get it on tight enough and that's where it is slow . plus you have to iron frequently every 10 hours of use .

    thin cloths are fast but you may be shocked to find that some clubs only get 6 months life out of it
    cloths like Strachan no 10
    or Hainsworth match are thin cloths and will not last as long as 6811 30 oz tournament

    then they get really silly and bring out precision , not much thicker than toilet paper , do not expect getting much life out of a table that is used a lot .
    I find the only people who rave about this cloth is the super rich who has no money worries and can afford plenty of re-covering in a year , or the tbale that has it's dust cover on it for days and only gets used now and again by the privileged few .

    anything above 30 oz do not go there they are slow cloths above this weight
    there is a 29 oz version of the 6811 tournament too so maybe that on the bed with 30 oz on the cushions

    As a fitter I give the following advice

    whatever cloth you put on the bed always use the thicker cloth on the cushions as they take more impact than the bed cloth .
    even if you use the Strachan no 10 on the bed use 6811 strachan 30 oz on the cushions .
    some cushions may allow bounce up of ball off the rubber because you have technically lowered the cushion by fitting thinner cloth , there is a fine line for cushion rebound in the height of the nose of the rubber , fit thinner cloths brings the nose of the rubber to be level or below the centre of the ball .
    undercut can also cause serious wear problems in ball tracking in the pocket area , so severe undercut of rubber is to be avoided if you want the cloth to last , if you get this problem you can have the cloth re-stretched to move the areas of wear .
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