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  • Cloth! Which way?

    This is a slightly embarrasing question to have to ask, but my Google-Fu is failing me
    Lovely new Hainsworth Elite Pro cloth to fit to my project table, however each side appears slightly different in texture. There's no marking to suggest which side is up. One side appears quite smooth, the other slightly more "rough" (as in the wool/stitching). Any clues to help this novice?

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    you typically play on the nap side of the cloth, with the nap running from baulk to black spot. i.e. it should feel smooth from baulk to black and some resistance in the reverse direction (black to baulk). Hainsworth cloth should have "text" on the edges i believe.


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      the smooth side. you have bought wrong cloth for snooker table. that cloth is for pool table and is napless


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        Napless cloths are ace, I have no idea why snooker tables have a nap, it's poop.


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          Nope, it's exactly what I wanted But cheers, just a smidgen more googling and I found the answer Bed cloth is fitted and I'm quite happy with it for a first timer!
          The reason I went for this rather than a snooker specific, napped cloth is that the table is beyond economical restoration to a decent playing standard - even for a 6 footer. It'll be more casual now rather than me practicing, I'll go to the club for that

          Last thing for me to try and nail is cutting the cushion rubbers in the pockets... harder than I thought!
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