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  • Pool table rubbers

    Hi all,
    I've got a supreme winner. The cloth has got a few more months left in it but cushions seem pretty good apart from the rubbers. They are lifeless!
    Is it possible for me to change the rubbers myself leaving the same baize on them or will it be damaged in the rubber removeal process?
    I read on another post that Geoff Large doesn't use northern rubber as its not worth the money because it will outlast the table. I was just wondering what rubbers to use also.
    Did you put my "1" up ?

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    I do use northern rubber if the customer requires it but the wood on the cushions will have to be in very good order to re-rubber pool cushions
    the ends of the cushions can sometimes be falling apart
    so I do often recoemnd just buying genuine supreme pool cushion's and replace them

    you have to scrap the cloth to re-rubber a set of cushions
    cushion cloth for pool tables is around £20 to buy so why try to refit old cloth that has been trimmed away , you will find it impossible to refit it

    Northern rubber is around 4 times more expensive as imported rubber

    I do offer an exchange sets but you would have to email me for prices on my web site


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      Thanks Geoff, as informative as ever!
      I think I will email you for a price to swap.

      P.S. roughly how many times would you recover a pool table before you recovered the cushions?
      Did you put my "1" up ?