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Steve Davis first televised 147 table for sale (not mine)

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  • Steve Davis first televised 147 table for sale (not mine)

    Sad to see the state of it now. It has certainly seen better days. Like the day Steve Davis made a 147 on it.
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    I dream of a 147 (but would be happy with a 100)

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    I have just watched the 147 break on youtube and if you freeze frame right at the end just after Steve puts his hands on his head and the referees hand is on the cushion as they zoom out , you can see they are the thick sloping panels , you can see that the cushions are different to the set that is on this table advertised on ebay

    The one on youtube has sloping slide in cushion panels

    the one on ebay has thin upright slide in panels

    I once worked on a table in nottingham , a BCE table that Cliff thorburn played on and a plaque on the wall said this was the tbale Cliff made his televised 147 break on
    there was also two other table one in wales and one in Portsmouth saying the same
    they had split the table up , the cushions on one table , the slates on another and the frame on another , they had sold the cliff thorburn 147 table three times ! useing parts from the original table

    Now I am not saying they did the same with this table but I find it odd that the original film of the 147 that Steve Davies made has sloping slide in panels and the one on ebay does not ?
    this is something that a Billiards fitter would spot , and any buyer should ask why that is

    those sloping panel cushions where brought out in the late 70s /80s and where called Aristocrat cushions
    I have tried to find a photo of these type of cushions and can only find a 9ft version of the 1980s Riley Aristocrat but with turned legs not square but they did offer the upgrade cushions on any style leg , take note of the sloping panel cushions
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      I guess it doesn't come with a brush or iron......
      It's hard to pot balls with a Chimpanzee tea party going on in your head