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Another salvage job!

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    Agreed Andrew , excellent thread . Some very talented people out there .
    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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      Thanks guys, those comments are lovely I won't say I'm talented though, just patient and despite my advancing years like to learn new tricks and skills Youtube & Google are great for this sort of thing, but without personal input from professionals or a little common sense those sources can often lead you astray.

      The older table is also a 6 footer, it's a table-top model by default but has some veneer dining table legs that can go with it if desired. Looking for around the £150 mark although that's probably unlikely. On one hand it'll do good for a table for someone to muck around on, however it's a little expensive for that; on the other it is an antique, but my first attempt at table restoration (I didn't do any woodwork to it unlike this one) was a little hamfisted. Suggest reading through the thread . I do have this table on eBay but don't want to paste the link until I'm sure it's not breaking any forum rules. It's in Northamptonshire (Rushden).