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Greeting from the US *Brunswick Gold Crown table help*

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  • Greeting from the US *Brunswick Gold Crown table help*

    Hello everyone, I will be converting a Brunswick Gold Crown snooker table that currently has pool k55 rubber on it, to use the Northern rubber step cushions. I have a good game plan as to how it will all go, I was just wondering if any of you can point me to the direction of some detailed dimensions for snooker rails. How thick are the rails, what height should the rubber be set? Radius of the wood in the pockets? I work on lots of pool tables, but there are not many snooker tables here to work on.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, I cant be much help to you, but I am curious.
    If I understand correctly, you have a Gold Crown snooker table, that was converted to pool cushions, that you are now wanting to convert back to snooker? I guess what I'm asking is, if it was originally a snooker design. If so I would assume reverting back would be a bit less complicated.
    Don't know for sure, like I said I'm not much help.


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      The Brunswick snooker tables here just use standard k55 pool cushions. At the ends of the rails "snooker bends" are added, which are just molded curved pieces of rubber to simulate the way the pocket should be on a snooker table. I am converting the table to use the correct Northern snooker "L" shaped rubber, so I can cut/sand the correct radius in the pockets and not use the snooker bends.


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        Right on. Just changing to the proper cushion. I believe the nose of the cushion bend is slightly higher than the mid point of the ball, but as to the proper specs, and pocket design you need someone smarter than me. I have a similar design (a Gandy, not a GC, but similar) with the k55 cushions. I will be interested in following your progress.


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          I think it is important to know the size of balls that you are using, I believe that snooker rails are made to fit 2 1/16 inch balls. I know they hare 2 1/8 balls as well that can be used on same rails. You might have to get new balls...
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