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Bar Billiards Table Maker?

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  • Bar Billiards Table Maker?

    I have just bought an antique Bar Billiards table and am trying to find out the maker - there is a rather indistincty logo and I was wondering if anyone recognised it.

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    Looks like a Sambros Rest on dining table model to me
    Not yet Antique though as Bar Billiards was introduced in the late 20s early 30s , but not long to go .
    it will not have a slate bed on this table am I correct ?
    it is prob around 4ft to 5ft long .
    and not the full size slate bed 6ft models you see that have the timer coin op .

    Here is a link to Peter Clares Heritage collection history files on the subject .

    I used to visit Sams atlas in Hoddesdon in the early 1980s to pick Bar Billiard table's and spares up

    as for the logo , this could be a retailers logo , maybe a department store like Gamages of London who stocked these sort of tables for the home .


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      Thank you for that Geoff, that is really interesting to know. Thanks!