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    Just been to a Country Estate to undertake the removal and restoration of a B & W table. Apparently room was constructed in 1880 and billiard table was installed soon after. Upon dismantling it transpires this table has been clothed once and has the original layered cushion rubbers. We have been tasked to refurbish the table whilst room is carpeted and return later to re-install.

    Would 100 upper be able to date this table?

    Pictures can be found here.

    As we progress with the restoration we will add further pictures. It's in a sorry state at the moment but after stripping and repolishing we will be re-blocking, fitting new Northern Rubbers, nets, leathers and possibly game rails if client wishes. This early table has never had leathers fitted, with the brass top mounted pocket plate having an insert which prevents the balls getting chipped.

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    I like the ebony stringing. Is it real ebony or stain? Looks classy. I am more likely to accurately date tables from the information and style of the maker's badge. Does this table still have one?

    Failing that, I can only say that several features stand out as typically 1880s. The brackets under the frame, and the grooving on the legs as exactly the style they were selling at that time, although I can't find that exact model advertised anywhere. The pediment on the scoreboard is also typical 1880s. Additionally, I wouldn't expect to see markers inset in the cushions any later than this decade. Maybe Geoff Large can spot other features which can be more accurately dated.


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      Thanks for you thoughts. Yes both badges are intact. I shall take pictures of them tomorrow.

      The cushion cappings are ebony stained black and the bottom moulding of cushion is ebony. The black accents on the legs and frame are stained black. The cushions have the original cloth which was done with three layers. A white layer, then red then the green baize. The cushion are in pretty bad shape but once we work our magic they will look as good as new. Some buttons are missing as is one knee panel which we make copies of.

      There are two scoring counters fitted into the spot and baulk cushion. I think one is in English and the other French.


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        I agree 1880 onward Peter , I have worked on an identical designed table , 5 piece slate bed and two inch thick slate would date more closer to later 1880s though .
        unless the slate is the thinner 1.5 inch then early 1880's .

        if you look at illustration 3 and 9 in Billiards simplified Burroughs and watts illustrations in the back of the book you will see the lower fluted design of illustration 3 and the upper segmented top of turn design of illustration 9 have been used to complete this design .
        just illustration 3 with a twist that is all it is . with ebony inlays stringers and flamed fiddle back mahogany veneer on side of frame and cushions

        looks like it will have those large rubber blocks still on if it has laminated rubber still on .

        so you may have to bung those cushion holes and re-drill out if fitting modern blocks and rubber.


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          Further photos added.

          Had a pig of a job removing the last cushion as three bolts had rusted heads resulting in the slotted head getting chewed up. Had to drill several holes into bolt head to break head off. Once cushion was off remainder of bolt came out with fingers.


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            Table repolished, re blocked, new Northern rubbers, and 6811 fitted. New buttons turned, replacement knee panels, chalk cups.

            Pics show frame being reinstalled. Especially thick carpet so leaving over weekend before final levelling and fitting of cloth and cushions.



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              For anyone that's interested. Here are before and after pictures the 1880s table after undergoing full refurbishment by ourselves. Pics can be found here

              This table has been in situ since 1885 and still had original cloth and rubber cushions. Ive seen more bounce in a breeze block.

              Completely stripped back to bare wood. Stained then repolished. Cushion bodies stripped off old cushion blocks and laminated rubbers. Holes plugged and re-bored. New cushion blocks fitted, new Northern rubbers and 6811 cloth fitted. Brass pocket plates polished and fitted with tea stained nets, new black leathers and all game rails. Several missing cushion buttons replicated and a few leg panels. We even managed to refurbish score counters on cushions with new number discs and put all back to working order.

              One very happy client.
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                Nice job looks lovely