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How Long Should the Rubber's on Cushion's Last?

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  • How Long Should the Rubber's on Cushion's Last?

    I've just bought a 3 year old 7x4 Supreme Winner Pool table and on collection have found the cushions are rock hard
    my question is how long do the rubbers on pool and snooker table last?
    3 years isn't a long time in a tables life or is it just luck of the draw?
    also if anyone reading this has a set for sale i'm in the market

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    You are probably the recipient of much older cushions on your three year old table if they have swapped the cushions over on a re-cover

    it is practice for SOME fitters to pre cover a spare set of old cushions and swap them over on site to save time on site . that way they can get around 6 re-covers a day just by visiting each site and exchange cushions and just replace the bed cloth .

    I never do this on customers tables , I always re-cover the cushions that are already on site .
    that means you get your original cushions back on your table and not replaced with old rock hard cushions .

    it is not uncommon for some cowboy fitters to replace 1 year old cushions with 12 year old ones , i come across this all the time on my travels .
    I always advise people who buy a pool table to try the cushions out before buying , and make sure it has black rubber on them , by taking a cushion off and un-stapling to look underneath the cloth then refasten back down and fit back on .
    So your cushions are rock hard , take a stanley knife to the cushions hard cushion and cut open , I think you will find red colored rubber , this is prone to going rock hard , they use black rubber these days
    and at 3 year old a table should have black rubber .

    look here

    Replacement cushions area round £125 plus postage a set uncovered , you can get copy ones on ebay for around £90 but they have had problems with the fixings bolt threads on these and they are a bit rougher than original supreme cushions .


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      Geoff, a guy came over on Friday, who had not played on my table for above a year. He thinks that the cushions are better, now, than they were then. So they are still getting played in. Of course my table gets nothing approaching the use of one in a club.


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        no black rubber
        i think im just unlucky the table has never been recovered but was stored in very cold storage unit
        new covered rails direct from heywood £120 +vat so not to sad


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          Not going to break the bank, but still irritating!