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6 bolt Slates for Riley Steal blocks cushions.

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  • 6 bolt Slates for Riley Steal blocks cushions.

    Hi guys as advertised I'm looking for a set of 6 bolt slates if anyone can help? Purchasing A set steal block cushions off Joe Swail but need the slates as can't be bothered with drilling the slates on our current table. Based in Manchester.

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    I think theres a place in Preston that do them

    Try googling it. I'm 99% sure its around Preston


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      why drill the slates to fit modern steels ?,

      just drill the steels to fit 5 bolt if you have old welsh slate

      you cannot get better than welsh /Irish slates

      more denser and heavier size for size and they stay more level if they have not been messed with , and the 6 bolt thing was italian design not British .

      as long as your old slates are 12ft by 6ft 1.5 inch wide they will fit , just drill out the steel to suit older bolt alignment of 5 side bolts and 6 end bolts .


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        We would prefer to get newer slate that we don't want to use car body filler on... The rubber cuts on the steals will be tighter but our current slates are very generous. All help and advice is greatly appreciated lads trust me. Thanks.


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          If you know anybody with a lathe, it shouldn't be a difficult job.