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What to chose, 4 New Aristocrat for my club and Hainsworth Precision or No10 Strachan

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  • What to chose, 4 New Aristocrat for my club and Hainsworth Precision or No10 Strachan


    Need some help on table an cloth selection.
    I'm in the process of getting a 4 new snooker table for my club in Thailand. It is a private club.
    After discussion between snooker committee, we decide to get Riley Aristocrat instead of Star table.

    Should we get all 4 Aristocrat Tournament champion or 3 Aristocrat (with steel rail) and 1 Tournament champion.
    What is the difference between both table, will it be more difficult to pot a ball on Tournament champion table etc.

    For Cloth, what should I go for, Hainsworth Precision or No 10 Strachan. Our club change table cloth every year and do a table check twice a year.
    The facility of the club is not heavily use, I would say each table average use per week is about 25 hr per week.

    Picture of the facility if you want to check out:

    thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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    Looks a superb set up , and a great decision to chose Riley’s over Star .

    Hopefully one of the members on here can advise you .
    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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      Very nice club.


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        Hainsworth Match all the way. (it plays as fast as the precision)
        No 10 only lasts 3 months before it needs to be restretched and slows down.

        For the cushions take the 6811 cloth


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          Aristocrats are much better tables than Stars, so great choice there. No 10 cloths are terrific to play on but do slow down considerably within 3 months whereas Hainsworth seem to remain quicker for far longer. Why not trial no 10 on one table and the two alternative Hainsworths on the others?

          I'd suggest new modern lights to replace your canopy ones, and a ball cleaning machine if you don't have one. Then your playing conditions will remain exceptional over time.
          I often use large words I don't really understand in an attempt to appear more photosynthesis.


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            Staezione is pretty spot on. I love how the Hainsworth match plays and how long it stays fast. But no. 10 can be maintained to quite a high standard if you OCD clean it. If you are one of those who dont wanna make sure they are cleaned daily, then the Match is the best bit. No. 10 when not taken care of daily, goes slow super fast. I've had mine on since april, no.10 and im starting to miss the throw on long shots. The throw remains on the "Match" as well. Where the Precision cloth becomes UGLY very quickly AND gives big bounces when also used on the cushions. Had a danish club use "Pre." and the 10th month of use during a tournament had us all bewildered with the speed the cueball came out of the cush, plus the throw is too weird/big when using sidespin.


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              for the cloth, hainswort precision is the top.