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From us, looking for knowledge on buying snooker tables

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  • From us, looking for knowledge on buying snooker tables

    I'm new to the snooker world and being from the US it's sort of difficult to jump in. I'm wondering if anyone from this forum could help me contact people and/or give me information on where to look for refurbished full sized tables plus shipping. Perhaps shipping will be from a different vendor than the business selling the table. Anyway, you can already tell what a novice I am but it's my dream to play snooker in my own home.

    Thank you in advanced for anyone willing to help.

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    There are several people on the forum who sell tables. I am sure they will leap to your assistance.

    Geoff Large sourced mine for me and I have never regretted it. Have a look at:


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      Hi, I have shipped numerous tables to clients in USA. Are you on WhatsApp, FB messenger? You can email me on


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        try googling snookercanada, I know they sell tables and also will deliver. Some good tables there. Cheers
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