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  • Above Table Camera

    Thinking about fitting a camera above my pool table for when I practice so I can review misses and look at the ball patterns. For me looking at the table from above makes it easier to plan the order of a clearance. Would like something that I can review on an iPad if possible. Hoping for something with decent picture quality without spending a fortune. Can anyone advise what type of camera and software I would need for this?

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    Just get a HD home security camera and screw it at an angle that covers the table.

    I have bought a system and plan to do that... Just haven't gotten around to it.


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      I have one of those round sticky ring pull phone stands for my mobile phone. Stuck a plastic hook on the wall and hey presto! I just use the forward facing camera on the phone as it's HD quality. As a precaution, I hang a plastic bag on the hook first. So that if the ring stand comes off the phone, then the phone will fall into the bag, rather than shatter on the floor.
      Cheap and Cheerful! 😄