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Best table/supplier in/around Hertfordshire

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  • Best table/supplier in/around Hertfordshire

    Hi all

    I'm planning on buying a 10ft table later this year and want it to last me a LONG time! Any recommendations of good tables/suppliers in Herts, Beds, Bucks or North London? Don't really want to buy over the net or from someone the other end of the country as I'd like the supplier to maintain it over the years etc

    Been to Hamiltons in Knebworth and the tables look very good but VERY expensive (nearly £10k inc vat for their most basic style) - anyone know what would make them worth so much more than, say, a Riley Aristocrat?

    Finally has anyone seen a 10ft table with steel block cushions?

    Many thanks in advance

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    why a 10 foot not full size?


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      Cos that's all that will fit in the room!!


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        Give me a text on 07737530727. I may be able to help you. Although 12ft is the standard for a steel bloch table, there is no reason why a 10ft can`t have steel block cushions.


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          Originally posted by philhemel View Post
          Cos that's all that will fit in the room!!
          oh i see! i might be able to help you with that PM me.