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  • What table is this

    Hi. I was at a gig in Wrexham on Saturday and they had a snooker room so had a knock. What a lovely table to play on. I've never seen anyone like this before

    Anybody have any ideas what it is. The legs are very unusual. Sits on 2 blocks at each end

    Thanks. Dave
    Snooker+Table+at+Gwersyllt+Sports+%26+Social+Club?format=1000w.jpg . Snooker+Table+at+Gwersyllt+Sports+%26+Social+Club?format=1000w.jpg

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    Thurston Jubilee Table
    it has three "blocks", one at each end and one in the middle (see the gap between the storage boxes)
    came out in the early 70s, I have an advert from 1975 - last advert 1984

    the badge plate looks like a Thurston but make out to make out clearly
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      Thanks Dean. First time I'd seen one with legs like that. Were they popular?

      I play in a club that has a table like this. No legs. More like a pedestal. Any idea what this one is. Very unusual...

      Screenshot_20191006-122257_Video Player.jpg


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        Jubilee - popular? - IMO not very

        probably a Riley Starline - "a table for the 70s" as advertised in 1968
        it did have a "brother" table called Sheerline where the base flaired out at the bottom

        your table looks like it has replacement rails

        - in 1977 John Bennett & Co started advertising the "Windsor Royal" table which used some of the very same images as the Riley-Burwat adverts... not worked that one out yet, as Riley continued to sell the Starline into the 70s
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          It's interesting all this..

          I'll post some more from other clubs I play at. When I go there next I'll take pictures.



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            photos of any badge plates will be of interest
            the legs and knee-boards and the rails help
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              Originally Posted by sk1nnym0nkey View Post
              It's interesting all this..

              I'll post some more from other clubs I play at. When I go there next I'll take pictures.

              Raper & Sons made some designs a bit like this, if you find this stuff interesting this is a great site to see the history of tables and equipment: -
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                The Thurston Jubilee table was around as early as 1970 as it was used in Pot Black that year as stated in Thurstons ads in the snooker press in the 1970s.

                The Alex Higgins John Spencer World Championship final of 1972 was played on a Jubilee again as stated in Thurstons ads.

                Eddie Charlton’s 110 break on Pot Black in 1973 was made on a Jubilee table ad can be seen on you tube.

                The 3 pedestal design however was used way back in the 1950s by Burroughs and Watts an example of which is shown in the 1953-4 Burroughs and Watts Billiards and Snooker Teasers catalogue which can be seen on the Old Cues website.

                As for the confusion about the Windsor Royal table.

                i believe the same image in ads was used by John Bennett and Karnehm and Hillman (not Riley)

                The Windsor Royal was manufactured by Karnehm and Hillman I believe on behalf of John Bennett and used in the World Championships in 1977 & 1978 and advertised as such by John Bennett.

                In 1979 John Bennett was taken over by Riley and it was after that Karnehm and Hillman started advertising the Windsor Royal under their own name using the same image.

                Karnehm and Hillman ads from the early 1980s clearly state they manufactured the tables for the World Championships of 1977 78 and 79 ( the 79 table was their top of the range traditional Magnus model)