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Opinions on a few used tables sought

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  • Opinions on a few used tables sought

    I'm returning to playing snooker after a 20 yr break, and want to purchase a table for home use. I've been watching the classifieds, reading through these forums and trying to make a list of fitters in SW Ontario, Canada with decent reputations.

    Snooker Canada has a list of used tables for sale at Prices are in Canadian $ (which are about 0.6 British Pounds). I know it's hard to give an opinion without more details or seeing them in person, but anyone care to chime in on which tables look like good prospects?

    Initially, I'm thinking the Burroughs and Watts for $4400 looks most interesting, followed by the Riley. I'm hoping to go take a look at some of them in person tomorrow after a 1-day table mechanic course I'm enrolled in (no illusions about being able to set up my own table after an 8 hour course - I'm just hoping to gain some knowledge to help me maintain it and choose a good fitter).

    I'd like to keep things around $10k Cdn all in, including installation, re-cloth and lighting, so finding a used table with good bones seems like my best bet. Any advice appreciated!


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    Hopefully Terry Davidson and Les in Canada, on here who both have great set ups in their homes can help.

    Best set of luck.
    No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...


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      Of course it is impossible to make a decision based on a single small photograph! I would, however, make a few general observations.

      The quality of the table is significant, but the quality of the installation is much more so.A bad table accurately set up will always outplay a good table shoddily done.

      Of those I would certainly look at the B & W first. It will be an old table, but that doesn't matter. With a good fitter it should be possible to get it to play well. If I were buying I would assume that it is going to need new cushions, pockets and a new cloth. That work would be best done when you set it up. If you buy it and any of that is not needed, well that is a plus. The only problem is that slates can sag. If they have sagged then fixing them is possible, but it is a big job. If it has the rigidus patent frame slate sag is less likely. The easy way to see if it is a rigidus is to look at the leg spacing. If this is not even- the centre 4 legs being closer to gether, then it is a rigidus and that is an advantage. If yu have a good fitter ask him to add adjustable muntins to any table if it doesn't have them already. I know Geoff Large makes these out of some readily available adjustable buiding hardware.

      Old tables can be very knocked about. Belt buckles can damage the finish badly. That isn't a problem as far as the table plays and if you are at all handy you can refinish it yourself. Various finishes are available and it has never been as easy.

      The wood on those old tables can be superb. On my B & W it is a very dense south american mahogany. Mine doesn't have steel rails but the wood is so dense that it really doesn't seem to matter. Newer tables are made from less dense woods and it shows. Of course that is why they are spray painted.

      BTW the slate on a B & W should be welsh, not Italian. Welsh is superior

      Good luck with your hunt.