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Final of EBSA mens event

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  • Final of EBSA mens event

    Between Belgium's Ben Mertens and Estonia's Andres Petrov , do these pockets look more generous than tour table pockets to you ? Mertens already obtained a two year card from winning the Under 21's event so Petrov may get a two year card as well anyway.

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    From what I know from players who regularly play in those events, the pockets are properly cut, And you’ve gotta be accurate in and around the black.
    Also, I trained at the Ding academy alongside Mertens the same time as the Qschool. The lads over 6’4 and didn’t have any trouble getting down and slotting the balls in there, and you definitely can’t take those tables for granted.
    He could have taken the Men’s him being 3-2 up, But at 3-3 tbf he fizzled out.
    Will be interesting to see what he and others brings to the tour ..
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      It will be interesting to see how all of these new players get on , I think its only 36 new players and not 37 as there’s only one Chinese CBSA nomination.

      I thought Rebecca Kenna looked a better player than Reanne Evans when I saw her play in the world champs qualifiers in 2021 , it will be a bridge too far for Kenna to keep her card but she could come back stronger the next time.

      Ben Mertens has a 3 - 0 amateur record against Iulian Boiko so hopefully he can get some more wins with his new tour card.