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Do I win if my opponent puts his cue away?

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  • Do I win if my opponent puts his cue away?

    Hi, I recently was involved in a best of 9 for ?20 and at 4-3 up I needed 4 snooker’s to prevent 4-4 my opponent put his cue away and left the building while the table was still live. Should I assume I am victorious and expect ?20 from him. He effectively conceded giving me the 5-3 result. Thanks!

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    So you needed 4 snookers and he left ? Why did he leave , as he had a chance to win the deciding frame ?

    I would say that you should claim the match , as you say , at 5-3 .
    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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      Did he shake your hand at any time? If he did, this is a concession.
      Did he say anything? If he did, and the words were appropriate, this is a concession.
      Leaving the playing area and clearly not for a comfort break. If he did, this is a sure sign of concession.
      Him leaving the building is sure sign of concession

      He left when he had 4-4 in the bag?
      Very strange.

      And yes, I would say he owes you the twenty pounds.

      In snooker, breaking your cue (2pc or 3/4 ) or putting it away into a case is NOT officially written in the rules as a concession but many people do take it as a sign of concession. It is written in UK Pool rules (BB).

      Up the TSF!


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        Thanks chaps- I think he said ‘I’ve gotta go’ in a way that suggested 4 snooker’s was unlikely so he would take the frame. There was no handshake.


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          I just want the game to be played the right way... it’s more important than the win or the cash


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            "I've gotta go" that is the concession, no handshake, rude

            You always want to play for the win of course, just contact him and ask for the 20 and never play him again (if possible)
            OR - play him many times and take his 20 every time
            Up the TSF!


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              Nice one Dean, thanks for your valuable input.


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                You forgot to mention what balls were left on the table. If there was only the pink and black and you carried on playing for 4 snookers, I would definitely pack my cue and walk off.


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                  I learned my lesson when I missed frame ball when someone started putting their cue away and I lost the frame.


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                    Having been in this scenario before on more than one occasion... my stock reply is to ask them directly before I play a shot if they are conceding the game. Its a yes or no question and upon the answer play shot or not accordingly.


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                      I have seen this on more than one occasion when someone starts to unscrew their cue before their opponent has potted the final ball, it drives me nuts.

                      This year, I asked that it be put in the league rules that if this happens it is an automatic concession and not one person objected because they have all had enough of the constant gamesmanship from a few idiots that just cannot win through normal means!

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                        Just thought I'd add that Stephen Hendry did this a few times when he had a jointed cue. I remember him unscrewing his cue, when his opponent was at the table, in a position to win the match and missed, then Hendry screwed his cue together and played on.

                        So if one of the biggest names in snooker did it and it wasn't a signal or confirmation of concession, then don't trust anyone that it's frame/match over.