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    Was wondering if anyone could shed a bit of light on the matter of the "grip". Now without trying to over analyse my game too much (which i tend to do alot!), i have a fairly loose grip, gripping the cue predominantly with my thumb and fore finger, but dont know if this causes me to maybe not cue straight at times. From looking at the players playing at the crucible last week, it seems like most if not all the players grip thier cue more in the webbing of the thumb/fore finger. What should i do? Id have to say it cant have effected me too much in the past, as i have made several century breaks, but at the moment i feel i have reached a bit of a plateau in my learning curve, so naturally im digging deeper at the finer points in search of something which may trigger an upward turn in my game.

    Come on reverse side, wield your magic!!!
    Deep it down the rail :D :D :D

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    Well several century breaks sounds to me like you are pretty usefull at this game already, and certainly a damn sight better than me.

    the advantage of gripping the cue in the webbing, as far as I understand it, is one of power. It is more consistent on Power shots than gripping in the fingers as you have a more secure grip without the need for gripping tighter.

    But I am by no means a good snooker player and that is only from what I have heard and read so it is by no means gospel.

    I would have thought that a player of your standard though would benefit mostly with the aid of a few coaching sessions and a trained eye looking over your action. There obviously isn't an awful lot wrong if you are making those sorts of breaks, and probably difficult for someone to advise you on ironing out any small flaws without actually seeing you play.


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      Cheers Jay - Would love a bit of coaching, but they are fairly hard to find these days, and can work out pretty expensive too.

      Im off to pontins next Friday, so all this practise i have put in will be to waste once i get on those tournament tables and find that i cant pot a ball!!!

      I try not to experiment too much, because it will end up frying my brain, and in the end i wont be able to even hold a cue!
      Deep it down the rail :D :D :D


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        I know what you mean with the experiment thing mate. Not so much with snooker as I'm pretty new to it, but i'm like that with golf. Thats where my advice came from really, when I feel stuck with my golf swing I'll have a couple of coaching sessions.

        Hadn't really thought about how easily available or expensive snooker coaching would be though to be honest, but I suppose it wont be as easy to find as a golf pro will it

        Good luck with it anyway mate. I'd love to be in the position where I'm trying to improve from several century breaks, though